Pam Skelton

The Owl of Minerva: when the archive takes flight


Pam Skelton is an artist, researcher and teacher who worked at Central Saint Martins from 1987- 2013. Her work explores the interface of personal and public memory in the troubled histories and consequences of the East West divide in Europe in the aftermath of fascism and Soviet totalitarianism. “In my work, sites are asked to reveal secrets and spaces are seen as storage receptacles of past events where traces of histories are embedded”.

Pam Skelton’s video installations have been shown in the United Kingdom, Canada, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, France, Northern Ireland and Russia. She is the co-editor with Outi Remes of Conspiracy Dwellings – Surveillance in Contemporary Art, (Cambridge Scholars Publishing (CSP, 2010) and Private Views – spaces and gender in contemporary art from Britain and Estonia, ed. Angela Dimitrakaki, Pam Skelton, Mare Tralla, (WAL/IB Tauris 2000).